Credit Score Services

Get your credit score and full credit report for free in Web Branch.

See what’s affecting your score, set credit score goals and get personalized insights on how you can improve your credit health. It’s an easy, smart way to get more control over your finances.

  • See your credit score updated daily and track your score’s progress over time.
  • View your full credit report, including account information, payment history and recent inquiries.
  • Set credit score goals and get recommendations on how you can reach them.
  • Receive automatic alerts when changes are made to your credit report.
  • Get personalized offers based on your financial situation to help reduce loan payments and save on interest.
  • It’s all free, updated daily and available 24/7.*

Take advantage of a free Financial Checkup.

Answer a few questions about your Household Spending, Financial Planning and Monthly Budgets. Then, get a Financial Health Score1 along with personalized guidance steps to improve your financial well-being.

Want to learn more about credit health?

Explore resources to help understand how credit scores work.

How to Get Started

Find credit score services in Web Branch and our Mobile App. Simply tap the Credit Score section on your dashboard or go to the Services tab and select “Credit Score & Report”.

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