Phone & Text Banking


Phone Banking

 Access account details with a quick call to our automated system.

Our automated phone banking system provides secure account information 24/7 – no waiting on hold and no internet access required.

  • To access phone banking, call toll-free 800-533-6773.
  • No internet access or smartphone capabilities are required.
  • Phone banking is available to all members.
  • To enroll, members must first call and speak with a specialist.

How to Get Started
To sign up for phone banking, you must first speak to a member solutions specialist by calling 800-533-6773. Once enrolled, you can call and access phone banking anytime day or night.

Our secure enrollment uses a system identification process to ensure your personal information stays safe.

Phone Banking Options
When it’s not possible to use online banking or visit a branch, phone banking is a great way to complete basic banking services.

Our automated phone banking system includes options to retrieve important information about your accounts, including:

  • Reviewing your account balances
  • Retrieving a list of recent transactions (such as deposits, withdrawals and cleared checks)
  • Hearing the amount and due date of your next loan payment

Text Banking

Request information and manage accounts via text message.

Don’t want to log into Web Branch? Text banking lets you quickly manage your accounts by simply tapping out a text message on your mobile phone. It’s easy to get started:

  • Sign up for text banking through Web Branch.
  • Send your text to UWCU9 (89289). You may want to add this number to your phone’s address book.
  • Use one of the text banking commands in the body of your message. Commands are not case sensitive.
  • Text messages are usually sent and received in seconds; sometimes your mobile carrier could delay the delivery of messages.

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Popular Text Banking Commands

Check out frequently used text banking commands to get a better of idea of how you can use text banking.

Bal – Get balances for select accounts.
Tfr – Transfer money between accounts.
Qt – Transfer quickly between predefined accounts.
Ml – Transfer money to one of your recipients.
Due – Get loan due dates and amounts due.

See the full list of commands on Web Branch


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