Savings Tips & Articles

A woman sits at a table using a phone, laptop, and notebook to plan her finances

6 Money Myths Busted

Filter truths from myths – your financial well-being will thank you. 

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Woman a tablet to learn investment tips from UW Credit Union

Investing 101

4 tips to help you get started

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Women uses interest to make money on her money | UW Credit Union

The Magic of Compound Interest

Making money on your money puts you on the path to financial well-being

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A parent teaches their child the basics of saving and money by filling a jar with saved bills and coins

Tips for Teaching Kids About Money

We’re here to help your kids understand spending, saving, investing and more.

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smiling expectant couple with credit union savings account

Credit Union Savings Accounts Made Easy

Get ready to crush your financial goals and open a savings account online 

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A smiling employee at her summer job working to save and invest

Summer Lovin’ and Fall Planning

How your summer job can boost your fall experience

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College graduate learning about investing and savings options to plan for their future

You’re Graduating: Now What?

Understanding 401(k)s, IRAs and saving for the future

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Couple enjoying their afternoon in their living room with their dog

Tense About Tax Time?

Plan ahead so your taxes aren’t a headache.

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A long dining table is set after members learned how to pay for a wedding

How to Pay for a Wedding

Avoid astronomical wedding expenses and prepare for wedded bliss by asking yourself a few questions.

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