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With our special certificate rates, you can boost savings for future goals—from down payments on big purchases, to retirement nest eggs and more.


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Benefits of a Special UW Credit Union Certificate

  • Higher interest builds short-term wealth 
    You’ll earn a lot more by opening a certificate compared to leaving your money in a savings or money market account, thanks to our higher-yield special certificate interest rates. Compare your earnings…

Savings Account
(0.03% APY)

Investor's Advantage Money Market
(0.12% APY)

Certificate Special
(1.20% APY)

$5,000 Deposit / 57-Month Term





  • Set it and forget it
    Opening a certificate is easy. And once it’s set up, you don’t have to do anything else, other than watch your savings grow.

  • Security, dependability
    Certificates are a low-risk way to earn more, with fixed-rate returns guaranteed for the entire term of the account. Get extra peace of mind knowing your money is protected by NCUA insurance, too.

  • Flexibility
    Our special certificate terms of 8 or 19 months give you flexibility. If you need access to your funds sooner than later, then the 8-month term is a smart choice. Or, if you’re comfortable with a longer-term investment, then the 19-month term might be a better fit.

Smart Uses for Your Certificate Earnings

Big future plans deserve bigger savings. Certificates empower you to get a head start on achieving your long-term goals.

  • Down payment on a car or a home
  • Saving up for college
  • Funds for life events (weddings, children)
  • Cash for upcoming home improvements
  • Retirement nest egg
  • Extra vacation money

How Certificates Work

Certificates typically pay higher interest rates compared to other accounts. However, in exchange for those nice rates, you’ll have to keep your money locked into the certificate for the full length of the term.

If you need to withdraw certificate funds before the term ends, you may pay a penalty.

Once the term is up, you can collect the full amount, or reinvest it in another certificate to keep on earning more!

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Let the Bigger Savings Begin— Open a Certificate

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