Planning for Baby #2

With busy lives and a new baby on the way, Tim and his family needed a bigger home.

Meet Tim & his family and read their UWCU Member Story.

We had baby number two on the way and knew it was time to find our forever home. We envisioned this house to be our long-term, 20- to 30-year investment house where we would raise our growing family. With one little one and another on the way, we needed to start looking before our next bundle of joy made their appearance in the world.

In 2011 we took out our first mortgage with UW Credit Union, and we refinanced with them years later, so we knew that we wanted this mortgage to also be with UWCU.

When we reached out to them, we were connected with Evan, a Mortgage Loan Officer at their Wauwatosa location.

We were a little anxious about the timing as we were not only getting ready for our growing family, but had a few trips planned during the homebuying process. One trip was for work and the other was a two-week vacation abroad that my wife and I planned before we decided to begin home searching.

When we first started communicating with Evan, we made sure to let him know the upcoming circumstances at the beginning of the process. He didn’t worry about it at all and assured us that everything would still go smoothly.

Most of the homebuying process was done through email with Evan, which was very helpful with our schedules. He was always very responsive and took the time to explain everything to us when we had questions. We could tell that Evan truly enjoyed his job and took pride in helping us through the process and explaining everything to us.

I became a UWCU member over 15 years ago. I was first exposed to the credit union when I attended UW-Madison, as they had a branch right around the corner from where I lived. After college when I moved back to the Milwaukee area, I was happy to see that UWCU was expanding their locations there.

I’ve always had a great experience with UWCU. When I met my wife, she eventually moved all her accounts over as well. We’ve been so happy with their convenience and support with our finances over the years. They’ve really helped us achieve this next chapter in our lives for our family.

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