UWCU for Good

Doing More & Giving Back

UW Credit Union is on a mission to make a positive difference in our communities.
And we do just that through our charitable donations, green initiatives, inclusive financial services, and innovative policies such as paid volunteering for employees.

Paid Volunteer Time Off

One exciting way we empower our team to get involved is through paid Volunteer Time Off, or VTO, which provides the opportunity to volunteer for worthwhile causes during the workday.

  • Employees receive paid VTO hours to use every year.
  • Full-time employees get up to 16 VTO hours annually; all other employees receive 8 hours.
  • Volunteer time can be spent individually, in groups or even virtually.
  • Volunteering can be done with most 501(c) organizations.
UW Credit Union Employees Volunteering

UWCU employees volunteer in a community garden in 2019.

Causes range from food pantries to trash pickup to community gardening to mentoring. Volunteers have helped individuals with disabilities, filled empty stockings, tutored ESL students, and much more.

VTO offers UWCU employees the chance to step away from the everyday and contribute to meaningful programs in our community.

Learn more about how we put our values to work. Plus, check out our latest annual report for more information.

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