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Get to know our mortgage team in and around Madison, and in the Greater Milwaukee area. Spanish-speaking loan officers are available, too!

When you're ready, apply online for your new home loan or refinance. Then, you'll be matched to a mortgage loan officer who will guide you through the home loan experience.

Madison/Greater Wisconsin

Based in Madison, our in-house mortgage lending team serves borrowers in the Madison area and throughout the state.

Meet Jorge Antezana-Pimentel, UW Credit Union Mortgage Loan Officer.
Jorge Antezana-Pimentel

Madison-Fish Hatchery Rd

608-232-5000 | 800-533-6773
Ext. 2135
Cell: 608-287-9242
NMLS# 709644

I speak Spanish!

“Buying a home creates memories that will last forever. I enjoy being a part of that by educating members so they’re empowered to make sound purchasing and refinancing decisions.”

Background & Experience
Jorge has an extensive background in lending, having worked in the field since 2010. After joining UW Credit Union in 2015, he has enabled thousands of members to achieve their personal and financial goals with our full range of mortgage options and other smart borrowing solutions. He also is a part-time instructor at Madison College, teaching personal finance to ESL students. Jorge holds a bachelor’s degree in international business and an MBA from UW-Whitewater.

Lending Specialty
Jorge’s talents as a bilingual mortgage lending expert have been extremely beneficial to Spanish-speaking members. He has a passion for educating members so they feel confident, informed and prepared throughout the process. He loves working with first-time homebuyers, and enjoys helping them create strategies to improve their credit, successfully save for down payments, or explore additional options to achieve their goals. Case in point: one member who lacked funds for a down payment and closing costs received Jorge’s caring guidance with seeking down payment assistance. Today, she’s a happy condo owner and can comfortably make her monthly payments.

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Meet Ashley Bergren, a UW Credit Union Mortgage Loan Officer.
Ashley Bergren

Madison-Sun Prairie

 | 800-533-6773 
Ext. 2107
Cell: 608-514-2268
NMLS# 1542804

“My mission is to offer excellent customer service allowing members to enjoy the experience of home ownership.”

Background & Experience
Ashley has acquired exceptional knowledge and experience in the mortgage world, having worked with a wide range of borrowers in the field since 2010. She started out as loan processor, and now serves as a mortgage loan officer. Ashley joined the UW Credit Union mortgage team in 2016.

Lending Specialty
Ashley frequently works with first-time homebuyers, guiding them through the process so they’re informed and feel confident every step of the way. She always strives to ensure that our members choose loan programs that are just the right fit for their needs.

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Chris Blajeski, Mortgage Loan Officer at UW Credit Union is ready to help you purchase your dream home.
Chris Blajeski

Madison-Northport Drive

608-232-5000 | 800-533-6773
Ext. 2309
Cell: 608-630-5876 
NMLS# 433760

“Whether you are just starting out and looking for your first home, are looking for your forever home or somewhere in between, I’m here for you every step of the way.”

Background & Experience
Chris has a passion for credit union culture and has worked in financial services since 2008. He began as a teller and advanced to roles in personal banking and consumer lending before joining UW Credit Union in 2016. In his tenure with UWCU so far, Chris has worked in consumer lending, credit analysis and mortgage processing. He holds a bachelor’s degree in International Economics from UW-Oshkosh.

Lending Specialty
Chris has more than 13 years of experience in financial services and strives to carry out the credit union’s “act in the member’s best interest” philosophy in every interaction. He enjoys getting to know members, learning about their financial goals and providing custom solutions that meet their needs. Chris’ experiences in many areas of the financial world help him provide a consultative and holistic experience for every member.

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Meet Will Hamielec, UW Credit Union Mortgage Loan Officer.
Will Hamielec

Madison-Junction Road

608-232-5000 | 800-533-6773 
Ext. 1931
Cell: 608-400-3391
NMLS# 523927

“One of my favorite things about working at UW Credit Union is connecting with members and helping them realize their dreams.”

Background & Experience
Will has considerable experience in financial services, having worked in lending since 2007. He has been serving borrowers as a mortgage loan officer since 2012, and joined the UW Credit Union mortgage team in 2018. Will always strives to make members feel comfortable and well-informed, so they’ll ultimately have a great homebuying experience.

Lending Specialty
Will’s experience encompasses a wide range of borrowing needs. Whether he’s working with first-time homebuyers or more experienced borrowers, Will always works to make the process as easy, clear and stress-free as possible.

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Meet Jessica Love, UW Credit Union Mortgage Loan Officer.
Jessica Love

Madison-Sun Prairie

608-232-5000 | 800-533-6773 
Ext. 2371
Cell: 608-800-1325
NMLS# 506836

“I love being part of a team that is committed to helping our members achieve their financial goals. It’s a great feeling to have such a positive impact!”

Background & Experience
Jessica has been with UW Credit Union since 1998, and has a versatile lending background, having focused on consumer lending before becoming a mortgage loan officer. She always strives to provide members with the best loan for their budget. Jessica received a bachelor’s degree in economics from UW-Madison in 2000.

Lending Specialty 
Jessica always goes above and beyond to determine the financial needs of borrowers, and carefully reviews their current financial picture to help them decide on the mortgage product that is best for their budget. She has a solid working knowledge of conventional home loans, WHEDA and construction loans.

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Meet Troy Magestro, UW Credit Union Mortgage Loan Officer.
Troy Magestro

Madison-Corporate Office

608-232-5000 | 800-533-6773 
Ext. 2362
Cell: 608-250-0310

“One of the best things about working at UW Credit Union is that it’s a non-profit that offers products and services at a very low cost, while delivering member-focused service.”

Background & Experience
Troy has spent most of his career helping people become homeowners and enjoys being there to support them whenever they need him during the loan process. He has been in the mortgage lending business since 2002 and has been serving UW Credit Union members since 2011. Troy holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from UW-Whitewater.

Lending Specialty
Troy understands that it can be overwhelming to go through the homebuying process, especially if you’re going to be a first-time homeowner. He’s also an expert in affordable down payment options and construction loans.

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Meet Rick McKinley - Mortgage Loan Officer at UW Credit Union.
Rick McKinley

Madison-Corporate Office

608-232-5000 | 800-533-6773 
Ext. 2015

“It is rewarding to help people accomplish the goal of home ownership and seeing the joy in their faces when they receive their keys at closing.”

Background & Experience
Rick is a proud native of Madison—in fact, he graduated from UW-Madison after attending high school in the area. He uses his experience to assist buyers during their home search and help them find the best financing to meet their needs. He started his career at UW Credit Union in 1992, and has a bachelor’s degree in social welfare.

Lending Specialty
Rick specializes in residential lending, assisting both first-time homeowners and experienced buyers with financing their homes. His many years of experience enable him to provide homebuyers with expert recommendations about budgeting and loan programs that best fit their needs.

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Meet Todd Merow, Mortgage Loan Officer at UW Credit Union in Madison, WI.
Todd Merow

Madison-Corporate Office

608-232-5000 | 800-533-6773 
Ext. 2032
Cell: 608-800-9779
NMLS# 506804

“My goal is to help our members understand and feel comfortable with the mortgage process. By getting to know the homebuyers and their plans, I can help find the best solution to fit their needs.”

Background & Experience
Before joining the mortgages team, Todd worked with UW Credit Union’s lending division to provide a range of financing solutions for members from all walks of life. With a deep knowledge of financial products and services and more than a decade of experience, Todd is happy to provide homebuyers a fast, collaborative and stress-free mortgage experience.

Lending Specialty
Thanks to Todd’s broad financial acumen, including consumer lending, mortgage processing and personal banking, he can offer a consultative approach for homebuyers. Todd helps buyers understand the process and find the best option for their budget, lifestyle and goals.

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Meet Chris Ohly, UW Credit Union Mortgage Loan Officer.
Christopher Ohly

Madison-Corporate Office

608-232-5000 | 800-533-6773 
Ext. 2013
Cell: 608-206-5039

“I really enjoy getting to know someone and finding out what is important to them, so we can find the best solution.”

Background & Experience
Having served UW Credit Union members as a mortgage loan officer since 1996, Chris has emerged as one of our top mortgage producers. For Chris, it’s all about getting to know each member’s unique situation and crafting a mortgage that’s just right for them.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in social work from UW-Madison.

Lending Specialty
Chris specializes in residential and 1- to 4-unit owner-occupied properties, conventional, construction, WHEDA, and lot loans. Whatever the lending scenario, Chris always serves as a trusted advisor, providing guidance, insight and support.

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Meet Cory Poole, UW Credit Union Mortgage Loan Officer.
Cory Poole

Madison-Corporate Office

608-232-5000 | 800-533-6773 
Ext. 2150
Cell: 608-354-8243

“I truly enjoy working with a great team of mortgage professionals that work together to make the process smooth for our members.”

Background & Experience
Cory helps members see the big picture of what it takes to achieve homeownership. That’s because during his time in the industry, he’s worked in personal banking, consumer lending and credit analysis. Cory joined UW Credit Union in 2002 and has served as a mortgage loan officer since 2003. He is a graduate of UW-Whitewater.

Lending Specialty
Cory enjoys helping first-time and seasoned buyers with their home purchases. He also has a lot of experience with both construction financing and refinance transactions. Being there for members during challenging times, Cory specializes in helping couples who are separating or divorcing refinance their homes.

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Meet Brad Sailing, UW Credit Union Mortgage Loan Officer.
Bradley Sailing

Madison-Corporate Office

608-232-5000 | 800-533-6773 
Ext. 2324
Cell: 608-333-6569

“I’m proud to be part of a team that helps people achieve the goal of home ownership, which is such a monumental life event.”

Background & Experience
Brad is an accomplished expert when it comes to helping people become happy homeowners, having worked in mortgage lending at UW Credit Union since 1999. He started working here in 1995, and has always focused on helping members achieve their financial goals. Brad holds a bachelor’s degree from UW-Madison.

Lending Specialty
Brad enjoys taking time to help first-time buyers understand the mortgage process and how much they can comfortably afford before they begin their actual home search. He also works hard to help members save money through refinancing.

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Meet Rachel Solt, UW Credit Union Mortgage Loan Officer.
Rachel Solt

Madison-Corporate Office

608-232-5000 | 800-533-6773
Ext. 2626
Cell: 608-228-4664
NMLS# 663933

“Educating homebuyers, building long-lasting friendships and being a part of the homebuying process is why I love working in mortgages.”

Background & Experience
With 20 years of lending experience, Rachel has extensive knowledge of a wide range of mortgage products, including conventional, jumbo ARMs, and WHEDA options. She takes a holistic approach when working with borrowers, finding mortgage solutions that are the right fit, while helping them work toward improving their overall financial well-being. Rachel was born and raised in the Madison area, and enjoys volunteering, distance running, and spending time with her family.

Lending Specialty
Rachel excels in providing outstanding service, whether you are looking to build your new dream home, purchase an investment property or buy a new primary or secondary residence. As a seasoned pro, she has deep experience analyzing borrowers’ needs, exploring options with them, and empowering them to realize their homeownership goals.

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Meet Ian Warlick-Short, UW Credit Union Mortgage Loan Officer.
Ian Warlick-Short

Madison-Corporate Office

608-232-5000 | 800-533-6773 
Ext. 1973
Cell: 608-206-1682
NMLS# 1565561

“Homeownership is a huge part of building a strong community. I’m glad to be a part of that as a UW Credit Union mortgage loan officer.”

Background & Experience
Ian joined the UW Credit Union mortgage team in 2016 and is passionate about helping members get the homes they deserve—and love. He is firmly committed to helping borrowers understand all their options, so they can confidently make sound borrowing decisions.

Lending Specialty
Ian especially enjoys working with first-time homebuyers, and excels at providing down payment assistance by helping borrowers obtain grants and second mortgages. His expertise also includes handling existing home refinancing and working on loans for new construction.

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Meet Anna Wise - Mortgage Loan Officer at UW Credit Union.
Anna Wise

Madison-Capitol Square

608-232-5000 | 800-533-6773 
Ext. 2452
Cell: 608-286-5225
NMLS# 1076291

“I love helping people make good financial decisions by providing them with the information and understanding they need.”

Background & Experience
Anna’s rich experience serving members at various UW Credit Union branches, along with her work as a mortgage specialist, have prepared her well for her role as a loan officer. She is very focused on members’ needs, and she values the importance of good communication. Anna graduated from Washington State University.

Lending Specialty
Anna enjoys helping first-time buyers through the lending process. For Anna, it is important to give members multiple loan options, so they can choose what works best for their unique situations.

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Meet Rina Courtier, UW Credit Union Mortgage Loan Officer
Rina Courtier


608-232-5000 | 800-533-6773 
Ext. 2138
Cell: 608-590-6105
NMLS# 832466

"Homebuying can be very exciting but can also come with a lot of uncertainty. I want our members to feel comfortable with the process and the end result. I am there for homebuyers throughout the process — from start to finish.”

Background & Experience
Rina has worked in mortgage lending since 2012. Prior to working in finance, Rina was a high school teacher and prioritizes mentoring and education in the homebuying process. Rina has volunteered with numerous non-profit groups and regularly conducts seminars for first-time homebuyers.

Lending Specialty
Rina's approach is member-first and focused on understanding and meeting each member's goals. Rina works with all sizes of loans and treats each homebuyer and homeowner as if they were family. She's known for telling members that she wouldn’t recommend anything to them that she wouldn't recommend to her mother. Her caring and empathetic approach to mortgage lending sets her apart.

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Meet Dustin Wohfert, UW Credit Union Mortgage Loan Officer
Dustin Wohlfert


 | 800-533-6773 
Ext. 2045
Cell: 608-512-2977
NMLS# 1124226

“I enjoy working with our members to make homebuying stress-free, whether it’s their first home purchase or they have owned many homes. My goal is to give our members the guidance they need throughout the entire homebuying process.”

Background & Experience
​Dustin's 20 years of experience in real estate sales and mortgage lending has provided him the tools and experience to assist members with mortgage solutions tailored to their needs. His attention to detail and timely communication help members navigate the buying or refinancing process. He is a graduate of UW-Whitewater

Lending Specialty
Dustin specializes in helping members who are purchasing or refinancing. He has a wealth of knowledge about the purchase process and excels with helping first-time homebuyers and is also an expert in for-sale-by-owner transactions, construction loans, turnkey construction, lot loans, WHEDA and down payment assistance programs. Dustin is also well versed in all refinance situations. He takes the time to answer questions and acts as a resource to members so they are comfortable and confident in their financial decisions when purchasing a home.

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Greater Milwaukee Area

Our Greater Milwaukee area mortgage team helps prospective homebuyers in Milwaukee and surrounding communities.

Meet Nick Bitzke - Mortgage Loan Officer at UW Credit Union
Nick Bitzke

West Allis

608-232-5000 | 800-533-6773
Ext. 2876
Cell: 608-575-0071
NMLS# 1381175

“Purchasing a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your life, and it would be a privilege to earn your business and help you achieve such a huge milestone.”

Background & Experience
With more than 10 years of experience in the mortgage industry and a passion for helping buyers with their financial needs, Nick is truly driven to help people achieve their homeownership dreams. When Nick is not partnering with members, he’s spending time with his wife and two sons in Sussex. With a family and home of his own, he knows what a life-changing event buying a house can be, and he would love to help you purchase or refinance your dream home!

Lending Specialty
Nick puts his experience, along with his extensive industry and product knowledge, to work for members in the Greater Milwaukee area. Serving as a resource from loan application to closing, you can count on Nick to guide and support you through every step of the process, working to find the best loan solution for your unique needs.

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Meet Renee Bosnjak Mortgage Loan Officer at UW Credit Union.
Renee Bosnjak


608-232-5000 | 800-533-6773
Ext. 2029
Cell: 414-313-1017
NMLS# 273298

“I love helping people accomplish their dreams of owning a home. It’s one of the biggest financial decisions of their life, and I value being entrusted with helping them.”

Background & Experience
With a decade of experience working in mortgages, Renee is an expert in her field. Additionally, her six years as a licensed real estate broker have given her additional expertise and insights when it comes to the homebuying process. As a result, Renee has the unique skills and experience to help members make borrowing decisions that are the right fit for their situation.

Lending Specialty
Renee prides herself on firmly understanding members’ mortgage needs, and skillfully gathering all the necessary information to ensure the underwriting process goes as smoothly as possible. Members feel at ease as she keeps them informed every step of the way, so there are no surprises. Renee believes in her obligation to find borrowing solutions that make the most financial sense for each member. For Renee, building trust is fundamental to her success as a mortgage loan officer.

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Meet Kerry Graber, UW Credit Union Mortgage Loan Officer.
Kerry Graber

Elm Grove

608-232-5000 | 800-533-6773
Ext. 1962
Cell: 262-358-5027
NMLS# 1539553

“I love working with first-time homebuyers and guiding them through UW Credit Union’s seamless, straightforward mortgage process.”

Background & Experience
Kerry’s career in consumer lending has encompassed credit cards, auto loans and home equity loans. As a mortgage loan officer, he works with borrowers to find out what’s most important to them, and then helps them complete what is likely the largest transaction of their lives: buying a home.

Lending Specialty
Kerry specializes in helping first-time homebuyers, as well as providing mortgage solutions for refinancing and interest savings. He also specializes in credit consultations and financial solutions that help borrowers save as much money as possible.

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Jeremy Leibfried Mortgage Loan Officer at UW Credit Union
Jeremy Leibfried

New Berlin

608-232-5000 | 800-533-6773
Ext. 2072
Cell: 414-399-0444
NMLS# 389781

“I love working with first-time homebuyers and providing them knowledge and guidance all throughout one of the biggest and most exciting purchases of their lives.”

Background & Experience
Ever since he started working in mortgages in 2010, Jeremy has consistently been recognized for his responsiveness to members and realtors. He genuinely cares about people’s satisfaction throughout the loan process, and it shows with every interaction with our members. Jeremy is a Wisconsin native, and received his bachelor’s degree from UW–Milwaukee.

Lending Specialty
Jeremy is especially experienced when it comes to helping first-time homebuyers. With specialties in conventional lending and jumbo ARMs, he enjoys helping customers in any way he can. He carefully takes the time to explain every step in the mortgage process to members and answer their questions. Sometimes the homebuying journey can be a little stressful, but Jeremy is an expert at putting members at ease and giving them the confidence to achieve their home ownership goals.

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Meet Nikki Peski, Mortgage Loan Officer at UW Credit Union.
Nikki Peskie

Wauwatosa-Mayfair Road

608-232-5000 | 800-533-6773
Ext. 2556
Cell: 414-522-0703
NMLS# 502926

“I strive to make a positive difference in the lives of everyone that I have the privilege of working with!”

Background & Experience
Nikki has been in the banking industry for nearly two decades, and her wealth of customer service experience and mortgage knowledge is invaluable. After 17 years of retail banking and consumer lending experience, she switched to the mortgage industry in 2016. Nikki joined UW Credit Union in January 2019 and loves supporting members throughout their home buying journey.

Lending Specialty
Nikki is passionate about helping first-time homebuyers as well as those who are more experienced. She understands that every borrower has a different story, and enjoys providing personalized service to best meet their homeownership goals.

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Meet Chris Smart, UW Credit Union Mortgage Loan Officer.
Chris Smart

Wauwatosa-State Street
608-232-5000 | 800-533-6773 
Ext. 3038
Cell: 414-308-9097
NMLS# 747146

“It’s a joy coming to work every day knowing that I can help people literally save thousands of dollars while empowering them to achieve their goal of homeownership.”

Background & Experience
Having worked in mortgage lending since 2004, Chris realizes that everyone’s financial situation is unique. That’s why he is driven to help borrowers decide on the best loan program for their long-term needs. He is a graduate of Mid-State Technical College in Marshfield, Wis.

Lending Specialty
Educating credit union members about financing options is Chris’ specialty. He works hard to help borrowers get preapproved, so they can move faster to make offers and secure their dream homes.

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Meet Isaac Haight, UW Credit Union Mortgage Loan Officer.
Isaac Haight

Bay View

608-232-5000 | 800-533-6773
Ext. 1820
Cell: 608-800-2844
NMLS# 1705180

“I genuinely enjoy working with our members to make their homeownership dreams come true. My goal is to empower our members with the knowledge, tools and guidance needed throughout the home buying process and to provide the best experience as possible.”

Background & Experience
Isaac's experience in consumer and mortgage lending with UW Credit Union has provided him the tools and experience to assist members with mortgage solutions tailored to their needs. His attention to detail and timely communication provide a seamless experience to members during the mortgage process.

Lending Specialty
Isaac specializes in helping members who are purchasing or refinancing by providing a clear, holistic and stress-free process. He takes the time to answer questions and acts as a resource to members so they are comfortable and confident in their financial decisions in purchasing a home.

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Meet UW Credit Union mortgage loan officer Joshua Stedman.
Joshua Stedman


608-232-5000 | 800-533-6773 
Ext. 1852

NMLS# 1449148

“Home ownership is one of the biggest milestones of our lives. Whether you’re buying your first home, second home or simply refinancing; you’ll want a trusted partner to make sure you’re making the best decisions that help you meet your individual needs.”

Background & Experience

With more than 13 years of experience in mortgage lending and thousands of transactions behind him, Joshua is confident that his knowledge, attention to detail and ability to think outside of the box when necessary will create a pleasant experience for your home lending needs whatever they may be.

Lending Specialty

Joshua is accustomed to working with members in all stages in life. He is proficient in conventional mortgage financing, ARMs, jumbos and even government options. Regardless of your situation, we’re confident you’ll get the best advice available to you. The mortgage process can feel overwhelming, especially when you are buying your first home. For this reason first-time home buyers always get the attention they deserve so they can feel good about their homebuying decisions.

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UWCU mortgage loan officer David Brussat
David Brussat


608-232-5000 | 800-533-6773
Ext. 1757
Cell: 414-208-6945
NMLS# 553151

“I love what I do, which is helping buyers with a strategy on how to best position themselves to buy a home and thoroughly explain the process to them.”

Background and Experience

With more than 25 years of mortgage lending experience, David has the knowledge to help buyers to best position themselves when searching for a home and submitting an offer. David gets satisfaction from helping people purchase their homes as well as finding money-saving solutions with refinancing.

Lending Specialty

David believes it is important to listen to the member’s mortgage loan objectives and then provide advice on how to achieve them with various strategies. David makes himself available and communicates throughout the mortgage process to make sure things go smoothly.

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